Flare System
  • Available in 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12”
  • Check Valves
  • Containment Wall
  • Pivoting Flare stack with pipe racks
  • New Flare Containment System
Flare System

Our flare skid design is centered on 2 concepts: Safety and Efficiency. These ideals are incorporated in every aspect of our product. During transportation, connecting, and disconnecting our equipment facilitates safety and efficiency by providing unique and distinctive qualities.

A pivoting flare stack enables safety to be maintained when connecting or disconnecting flare line piping. Hydraulic Rams can be implemented to raise and lower the pivoting flare stack for additional safety rationales. The use of hydraulics eliminates the need for a crane to raise the flare stack. The flare piping stacks in pipe racks conveniently located on either side of the pivoting flare stack. A check valve and indicator is standard on all our models to prevent back flow of venting gases. The indicator on our check valve can be seen from the operator’s office, which indicates the position of the valve. Additionally, the check valve can easily be tested for resistance with our indicator. Our equipment can also be equipped with a hinged pup for the flare stack. This piece folds over for transportation and during the rig up process provides for quick and easy hookup ensuring safety is sustained.

CWS now offers a Flare Containment System! This system is designed to capture any fluids that bypass the rig’s separator while also acting as a flare vent line. These fluids can then be pumped to your desired location for disposal.

CWS flare skid system is designed to provide satisfaction for any circumstance. Whether your drilling endeavors require 200’ of straight run pipe to the flare stack or underground piping is considered necessary, our flare skid can deliver. Our flare piping comes in 21’-22’ flanged joints totaling roughly 200’ of piping. Additional flare piping is also available. Drive over crossings are available for all of our flare systems. We can also provide all studs, nuts and gaskets required for hook up to the mud gas separator. We offer several sizes of flare lines for you drilling needs including 6”, 8”, 10” and 12”.

Rig Moves

CWS flare skid system loads quickly and requires minimal space on a trailer for the duration of rig moves. Our product is the most efficiently designed system offered on the market today. Our flare skid system can be easily and safely loaded and unloaded with a forklift or crane. Each component of our model demonstrates that our equipment is manufactured with safety at the forefront.

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