Ignitor System
  • Available with floor switch
  • Solar Panels
  • Battery back up
  • Explosion proof plugs and switches
  • Custom Inserts
  • Designed for Safety
Ignitor System

CWS flare ignitor system was designed and is continually maintained by our head technician, Herman Cessac. He has 27 years of hands on, specialty experience in the chemical plant setting, working for Monsanto Company and Solutia INC. During his employment history he exceeded expectations as an Operator and Electrician. His experience also includes outstanding performance in the Information Technology and Instrumentation departments.

CWS Design

Our ignitor is composed of 304 stainless steel, which can withstand outside elements and ensures durability. We utilize porcelain inserts for our insulators to guarantee functionality in extreme temperatures. CWS flare ignitor can exceed temperatures of 2,000 degrees. The ignitor fires at 10,000 volts of electricity across a tungsten electrode. All internal components are housed in a durable and light fiberglass box to prevent damage and maintain functionality.

Safety is a key design factor of this product. All cords are equipped with explosion proof plugs to provide safety when connecting to a main power source. An external red illuminating light can be offered which flashes in sequence with the electric ignition so that the operator can visibly see that the ignitor is operational. Our unit can be outfitted with an on/off switch on rig floor for added safety precautions. We also offer a battery back-up system to guarantee that the ignitor continues firing in a power loss situation.

The CWS ignitor system is backed by ongoing testing and analysis. Our system continues to prove itself in durability and dependability from one field to the next.

Rig Moves

We provide all connecting and disconnecting services required from one rig move to another. Maintaining quality and customer satisfaction are our company’s goals.

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