Mud Gas Separator
  • Designed for horizontal, underbalanced, h2s, or high pressure drilling
  • Numerous size specifications available
  • ASME Sec VIII Div 1 Code Vessels
  • Unique Baffling
  • External Pressure Gauge
  • H2S certified with internal coating
Mud Gas Separator

CWS mud gas separators are designed to provide safe drilling procedures during horizontal, underbalanced, h2s, or high pressure drilling. Our gas buster captures and separates the mud/gas then safely vents free gas to the flare line to be burned off while returning mud to the mud pits.

Our separators are intended to sustain safety for high pressure wells or when sour gas may be present. Our units are closed bottom skid mounted model designed around safety and precision. Uniquely designed baffles break up mud and gas which is then expelled by the gas vent line to the flare line.

We manufacture numerous size specifications including 4’x20’ and 6’x20’ and are capable of producing vessels of all sizes. CWS Gas Busters have a 12” inlet from flow line, 12” gas vent line to flow line, 12” return line, and 20” manhole. If necessary these lines can be modified with flanged concentric reducers to your desired piping size. The run of the gas vent line continues to ground level for safe and efficient hook up to the flare line piping.

  • Rig Moves

    The separator is manufactured for efficient installation from one rig move to the next. CWS offers rig up of our gas buster and if needed can tie in and/or modify all lines from choke manifold to trip tank, frac tank, panic line, gas buster, and flare line. We supply competitive and cost effective connect and disconnect fees of our equipment.

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